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Posted by Kelsey Danca on Oct 3, 2018 2:11:12 PM

“We have been on a quest to find the best app for small market radio stations – and we might have found it. RadioMax has one of the most comprehensive apps – if not the most comprehensive app – for radio that we’ve ever seen.”

Small Market Radio Newsletter - July 2018


RadioMax is a mobile platform solution with advanced user engagement tools, unique and custom advertising opportunities, and real-time data analytics for independent radio stations around the country, and world! 


The app allows a radio station to have its own custom mobile app, with interactive and entertaining user experiences, social media integration and rich social engagement tools, live poll and contest features, and live DJ and user chat. 



“Our #1 goal is to drive new listenership, enhance the current listener experience, and generate more revenue for our partner stations,” says John Wanzung, CEO of RFX Group, Inc., “and the platform we have created specifically for the independent radio community is suited perfectly to connect customers to stations, and to help grow traditional, digital and native advertising into new revenue generating opportunities.”


RadioMax delivers an unprecedented listener experience. RadioMax is looking to break the one barrier that the radio experience has yet to deliver - “real-time” social engagement and optimized digital advertising capabilities across the board.


To learn more about RadioMax, check out this additional podcast feature by the Small Market Radio Newsletter!

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