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"Familiarity", The Secret Behind Radio's Popularity

Posted by RadioMax Staff on Mar 19, 2019 5:29:28 PM

Before the new age of technology, people received their news from daily programming on their televisions and radios, as well as the newspaper each morning. We now live in a time where you can access breaking news by the minute sent in the form of alerts to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or even a digital watch. 

According to the Q3 2018 Nielson Total Audience Report, what people are familiar with seems to be most important with both audio and video streaming. People now not only have the option to tune into local radio programming, they can also access news from podcasts or national radio programming. For 56% of Americans, shows/programs that they have previously watched or listened to are the most consistent source of their news. That being said, show by show, the sources get more narrow depending on topic, format, time of familiarity, etc.

The continuing trends with Americans using the radio for their news source is not only apparent on a national level, but continually on a local level as well. For example, as reported by radio journalist Robert Feder, Chicago’s top 30 radio stations from 6 a.m. to midnight each day for a month, and of the top 10 most popular stations, three were news related, including the number one spot which was awarded to an all news station. 

While the sources to keep informed are ever changing, Americans still prefer familiarity and security, and that level of comfort is made possible from the long legacies of our local and national programming.

In addition, what is extremely notable is the dominance AM/FM radio continues to have as it relates to the trust listeners have with their preferred stations.  Reported by Westwood One as of December 2018, Americans spend substantially more time daily with AM/FM radio than other streaming sources; AM/FM radio outreaches all other ad-supported platforms; and on average, 84% of the AM/FM radio audience hears the ads when they listen to AM/FM radio at home, at work, or traveling in the car.

How Does RadioMax Fit In?

With the RadioMax app on your mobile device, you no longer have to be in front of a T.V. or radio, and you can access your favorite news talk shows at any time, in any place. The “chat” option on the flywheel also allows you to engage in discussion with others listeners in real-time.  Moreover, the app gives stations the ability to integrate news & weather resources. Download the RadioMax app to stay informed on the go!

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