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Best Tips & Strategy For Mobile Advertising

Posted by RadioMax Staff on Nov 29, 2018 1:15:27 PM

As we continue to see a growth in digital & mobile advertising, it's important to make sure you're getting the most for your dollars by following the best marketing & advertising practices. 


Before doing so, it's essential to have a good understanding of the main advertising options there are within the mobile platforms.  A great article by Single Grain breaks down the concept of mobile advertising and identifies the general four categories: Text, Image, Call-only, and Mobile App Promotion ads.  However, when you take a deeper look, there are 7 main options to choose from:

  • Text ads work the exact same way they do online, and can even be run from the exact same ad. But the rest have some enhanced options and features for mobile devices that are worth checking out.
  • Banner ads are still the most popular type of image ads on mobile. The display at the top of the app works just as it does online (although the required image dimensions may vary).
  • Interstitial ads take image ads to the next level with full-screen exposure. These ads are usually displayed as turning transition screens (like a new level on Candy Crush). They tend to have a higher CTR, but that comes at a higher cost than the less-engaging banner ads.
  • Call-only ads are a special ad type if your goal is to get the customer on the phone, say with a sales rep or a dynamic robo-assistant. They look and work similar to standard text ads, but with a twist: instead of sending people to a landing page, it launches their dial pad with your number already plugged in and ready to go.
  • App install ads are for those looking to drive new users to download their app. They are special because they include a download CTA that will take users directly to their respective app stores (depending on what type of device they are using).
  • App engagement ads are more like retargeting campaigns that are targeted at existing users based on their previous behavior inside your app. Instead of a download link, you’ll need to provide Google with a deep link into your application. This allows users to engage with your ad and jump straight into it, launching a specific feature or page inside the app
  • Universal app ads are the easiest way to set up app install ads. Although they are not technically their own format, they’re worth discussing here. The difference is that rather than making your own ads from scratch, Google will just ask you for some text suggestions. They then combine them with the content on your app store’s listing to automatically generate and test ads on your behalf across their entire network.

All of the above options are favorable among advertisers, however, it's essential to be strategic for the ads to be effective.

What are the best strategies?

1. Incentivize your ad - Providing a deal, discount, or special offer to a potential client or consumer makes your ad more attractive.

2. Don't disrupt user experience - Depending on the type of app you are advertising on, you don't want your ad to interfere with the main purpose of the app.  This tends to cause frustration and low engagement, meaning your message will not be well received.

3. Customize to an audience - Make sure your messaging relates to the demographic you are trying to target.  As already mentioned, a message is easily lost if it doesn't connect with your potential consumer or client.

4. Pair your ads with social media accounts -  In today's digital world, it's almost essential to link social channels to provide a more concrete message.  By doing so, you'll only increase your brand awareness.

5. Use video - Video streaming is one of the most popular methods of in-app advertising that drives measurable results.  :15 clips can be extremely effective because of ability to customize content, and be creative.  This method has proved over and over to build up a brand and its authority. 

6. Story-telling -  Providing narratives to connect to your consumer is extremely engaging.  Consumers are more likely to follow your ad it the story interests them.  (Keeping in mind your messaging it tailored to the demographic and audience you're trying to reach!)

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