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Mobile's Best Digital Traits

Posted by Izzy Fradin on Nov 13, 2018 10:44:42 AM

By now, we're sure you've noticed the idea of "digital" is a theme for us. As identified in our previous blog, 'Radio's Digital Future', the main reason behind this is the major trend in mediums moving towards an all-digital platform and the various features the users have access to.

In the modern internet age, there are so many factors to take into consideration concerning the features of various media. According to Zenith Media Consumption Forecast 2018, 24% of all media consumption is happening on mobile. And, according to Statista, an estimated 61 percent of the U.S. population is listening to online radio, based on their 2017 study. So when it comes to radio - especially, digital radio - what are the most important features to think about for consumers, advertisers, and the industry at large?

One of the most important features for digital radio in terms of capturing an audience is the element of choice. With so many options for consuming media, it is important to provide listeners with a variety of options to choose from so they feel empowered by their experience, and so they never have to look elsewhere for interesting content. One of the other critical features of digital radio is the means it has to create interactive, engaging visual experiences never before available to the audio-centric medium. What this means is that stations can engage with their listeners through polls, contests, or even advertisements with measurable analytics and meaningful data which provides invaluable information advertisers, executives, investors, and the like.

Where does RadioMax fit in?

All RadioMax subscribers are automatically added to our digital radio platform, where listeners can select one of hundreds of stations to listen to, depending on what sort of content they are looking for. Another important aspect of the element of choice is that giving users the ability to browse through their options to look for the most compelling content benefits both your station when listeners are looking for something only you have to offer, and the listeners themselves when they find what they’re looking for all in one easy place.

By offering RadioMax subscribers access to this exciting technology, it will help them make the most of their digital media platforms, and to allow them to maximize their impact on their audiences in data-driven, interactive, and engaging new ways!

Curious about how you can better take advantage of these exciting features of digital radio? Check out our SmartAd demo!

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